The professional network that maximises resources and value for startups and investors.


Pollenise reviews startups proposition and connect them to the right talents in the key areas necessary to bring value to the business that are recognised by investors.

The professional network that maximises resources and value for startups and investors. With over 20 years experience in fundraising and advising global financial institutions on their investment decisions, Pollenise helps startups and SMEs to be investment ready by improving their proposition and strategy in order to boost their attractiveness for investors and commercial partners.

Pollenise Services

· Business plans, decks & pitches
· Investor strategy & Introductions
· Investor relationship management
· Strategy and market research
· Partnerships
· Advisory board
· Client lead

Partners Services

·Accountancy & Finance
· Legal & IP protection
· GDPR compliance
· Operation management
· Recruitment
· User growth & monetisation
· Marketing & digital marketing
· Tech development


Bob’s your uncle
Design, marketing, translation.
Start-up growth and marketing.
Association of Britain China Financiers China development.
Victor Boorman & Co Accountancy and financial expert.
Frasier Consultants
US development.
A star
Sport, music & fashion charity.
A star
Sport, music & fashion charity.

Naomi Rich
Operations and business

Trends & Tags
Fashion e-commerce platform.
B2B platform, creative content.
Virtual Reality and architecture visualization.

Do you want to become a polleniser?

Increased chances of funding success for the startups they work with
and therefore to increase start-up spending with them (boomerang effect).

Increased loyalty of startups towards them.
Getting feedback from Pollenise on the startups’ progress and chances of success so they can know when the time has come to be involved in the following phases of developments.
Improved reputation in the network leading to more work from other partners.


Improving efficiency in early identification and filtering of existing startups matching their investment criterion.
Accessing high standard presentations with clear investment propositions, leading to significant efficiency gain in the investment decision process.
Maintaining good relationships with startups that are too early for them by sending them to Pollenise to get investment ready (boomerang effect)
Investing along with other Pollenise network investors.


The key challenge for startup founders is to manage fundraising and business development whilst setting up and running the business. Accessing the right advice with limited access to resources can be time-consuming and filled with uncertainty, but is vital for success, investment and growth.
Clients are typically startups and SMEs that are looking for advice to raise money or grow their business and are attracted to the agile approach of Pollenise’s network as an alternative of the more constraining programs of incubator/accelerator programmes, not to mention the high equity stake often taken by those.
This flexible network approach enables Pollenise to help startups and SMEs at various stage of their growth, adapting to the appropriate business needs.The fast growing network filters the most exciting startups and matches them to investors’ interests.


If you are a startup or an investor and would like to know how to join the network and become a Polleniser please contact:

Cedric Torossian